Alfredo Marquez

Alfredo Marquez would spend the summers swimming in the Gila River. He participated in sports and took extra math classes.

Alice Truman

Alice Truman was born on Christmas Eve 1922. She was the baby in a family of three children. Her big brother inspired her to go to law school.

Alton Netherlin

Alton Netherlin was born in Rowswell, New Mexico in 1904. His parents were cattle ranchers and later, when he was about 5, started farming. He moved to Arizona and graduated from Ajo High School. Ajo was a mining town and when graduated from high school he worked in the leaching plant for awhile. 

Amelia Lewis

Amelia Lewis was born in New York City in 1903. She was the oldest of 4 children and when she was 14 her father insisted that she leave school and work in order to help contribute toward her support. She took and passed her equivalent high school exam and then went to Hunter College while working to help bring in money. She was a 'gofer' (go get this, go get that) for a law firm and one of the first females allowed to work at a law office. 

Ashby Lohse

Ashby Lohse was born in Tucson in 1914. His dad was a wholesale grocer and his mother was worked to set up the first telephone exchange in Tucson. He remembers the first 'horseless carriages' being driven down the street. 

Bernard Van O'Steen

Bernard "Van" O'Steen was born in Sweetwater, Tennessee in 1946. He was 13 when his family moved to Arizona. When he was a junior in high school he joined the U.S. Naval reserve.

Charles Ares

Charles (Chuck) Ares was born in Marana, AZ in 1925. His father was a cotton farmer there.  He went to junior high at Mansfeld Junior High and graduated from Tucson High School. 

Elias Romley

Elias Romley was born on New Years Day in 1909 in Phoenix, Arizona. He had two brothers and two sisters.  There were seven children but two of his siblings died shortly after birth. His dad had a small general merchandise grocery store. There house was connected to the store and all the kids had to work there.

Elizabeth Daume

Elizabeth was born in Austria in 1908. Her parents were living in Cleveland, Ohio but had gone to visit relatives when Elizabeth was born. Her family moved to Bisbee when she was still young so her father could do mining work. She remembers loving pickles and would save her nickels to get a great big pickle out of the jar at the store.

Estes McBryde

Estes McBryde was born in Dallas, Texas in 1919. During high school he played basketball and was captain of the baseball team. He even played for the minor league in the southern Association for a year. 

Frank Snell

Frank Snell was born in Kansas City, MO in 1899. His father was grocery man. He was the first in his family to go to college. 

Gordon Farley

Gordon Farley was born in Carney, Michigan in 1908. His family farmed and his dad worked in mining. His family moved to Patagonia when he was nine. His sister had moved to Nogales and he would take the stage between Patagonia and Nogales to visit her. One of his jobs when he was young was to help run a local pool hall with the owner who was blind.

Jack Ogg

Jack Ogg was born in Oklahoma in 1920. He moved to Fort Whipple, Arizona when he was five. In the summers, after high school, he worked as an iceman getting four dollars a day. He would carry the ice so people could keep their refrigerators cold before electricity.

James Boyle

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James Cameron

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James McNulty

James McNulty, Jr. was born in 1925 growing up in West Roxbury, Massachusetts. James was a sickly child and went to a school close to his home. He had bronchial troubles and only weighed 65 pounds when he was twelve years old. When he was a freshman he was sick 140 days and had to repeat that grade. When he began his freshman year again, he went out for the track team. He ran for two years, never scored a point, but was determined to be on the team.

James Murphy

James Murphy was born in Tucson, Arizona in 1917. His dad died when James was five. He spent much time with his grandparents. He says he was not a good student and some teachers even wrote in his yearbook "If you would study and not try to rely on your native ability, you would go a lot farther."

John Nicholas Udall

John Nicholas (Nick) Udall was born in St. Johns, Arizona in 1913. he went to a one-room brick school house with one teacher until he was in eighth grade. 

Philip Von Ammon

Philip Von Ammon was born in Illinois in 1915. His father had a law degree, was a member of the Illinois State Bar, but was an interior decorator by profession. Philip didn't plan on being a lawyer but says it just came to pass because he didn't really have any long range plans.

Porter Murry

R. Porter Murry was born in Clovis, New Mexico in 1912. He went to grammar school in Oklahoma and attended high school in Liberal, Kansas. 

Ralph Bilby

Raph Bilby was born in Concho, Apache County, Arizona in 1891. His dad was a farmer who grew alfalfa and sorghum and made molasses. He moved to Thatcher when he was nine. He played third base on his high school baseball team.

Raul Castro

Raul Castro was the twelveth of fourteen children. He was born in Cananea, Sonora, Mexico in 1916. His family crossed the border in the United States to escape politcal persecution in 1926. He became a naturalized citizen in 1939. Before he went to school to become a lawyer he was a professional boxer.

S. Thomas Chandler

S. Thomas Chandler was born in Knowles, Oklahoma in 1920. Both his parents were school teachers. The family moved often and by the time Thomas was in high school he had lived in fourteen or fifteen places. At age 15 he moved to Parker, Arizona.

Thomas Hall

Thomas Hall was born in 1907 in Kansas City, Missouri to parents who were professional actors. He moved to Nogales in 1919. His parents quit the stage because they were concerned about a life on the road for Thomas.

Virginia Hash

Virginia Hash was born in 1913 in Flagstaff, Arizona. Her father died when Virginia was ten years old. Since she was a little girl she was interested in airplanes. During World War II she worked as an airplane mechanic and joined the WASPs to become a pilot.

Wesley Polley

Wesley Polley was born in 1912 in Bisbee, Arizona. His father served as a constable or Deputy Sheriff most of the time Wesley was growing up. His father also owned ranches. He was three weeks away from graduating high school when he got married. Back then, if you got married that meant you were expelled from school. He worked in hard physical jobs and then decided to take correspondence courses to continue his education and study law.

Willard Pedrick

Willard Pedrick was born in Ottumwa, Iowa in 1914. His father was a traveling salesman. He had a brother and sister and grew up in a little town of Fairfield, Iowa.

William Holohan

William Holohan was born in Tucson, Arizona in 1928. His father owned a printing company but when William was around 5 years old they went up to the Prescott Forest to mine for gold. He remembers roaming the forest with his German Shepherd pup.