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Jack D. Hays

So. Methodist University Law,
class of 1944

State Bar of Arizona
member since 1946

Featured Case
State v. City of Phoenix
74 Ariz. 46 (1952) 243 P. 2d 766

Jack D. Hays was born in Lund, Nevada in 1917.  He was three when his father died.  A few years later his mother remarried and her new husband adopted Jack. He earned his bachelor and law degrees from Southern Methodist University in Dallas. He graduated from law school in 1941 and enlisted in the United States Army. He was commissioned as an artillery officer, ultimately achieving the rank of Major. He served in combat in the Italian campaign during World War II.  He became introduced to Arizona when stationed at Fort Huachuca before his overseas assignment. He served this state and nation as a soldier, attorney, legislator, federal prosecutor, and Supreme Court Justice. His judicial career spanned 26 years including as Arizona’s Chief Justice.  (heinonline.org 37 Ariz. L. Rev 1995)

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Interviewed by Kay Silverman in 1993.

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