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William A. Holohan

University of Arizona Law,
class of 1950

State Bar of Arizona
member since 1950

Featured Case:
John F. Long Homes, Inc. v. Holohan
97 Ariz. 31 (1964) 396 P.2d 394

William A. "Bill" Holohan was born in Tucson on June 1, 1928. His parents were Andrew Holohan and Dorothy Bennett Holohan, a member of the Bennett Arizona Pioneer family. Bill graduated from the University of Arizona with a law degree  in 1950. After graduation he was inducted into the Army and served in the Judge Advocate General Corp. He was awarded the Bronze Star and served a tour of duty in Korea. He was hired by the then United States Attorney, Jack D.H. Hays, for his first job as an Assistant United States Attorney. In 1960, he entered private practice with Lou Whitney, a prominent lawyer. In 1963  he was appointed to the Superior Court bench by Governor Paul Fannin. Governor Jack Williams appointed him to complete the tenure of retiring Justice Jesse Udall on the Arizona Supreme Court in 1972. He served on the Court until he retired on January 5, 1989, serving as Chief Justice from 1982 until 1987. Following retirement from the bench, he entered private practice with his son, Brian, and later accepted the position of Director of the Arizona Prosecuting Attorneys' Advisory Counsel. (excerpt source legacy.com)

Interview Transcript

Interviewed by Kay Silverman in 1991.

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